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The 1st EAI International Conference on Multimedia Technology and Enhanced Learning

August 13–15, 2016 | Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China

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Inner Mongolia is a Mongol Autonomous Region in northern China, where as Outer Mongolia is a separate country to the north of China. The region covers most of the northern edge of china, curving in a banana shape. To the north is the Republic of Mongolia and the north east tip of Inner Mongolia borders with Russia. 


Things to do

Scenic Grasslands - Definitely plan on visiting a scenic grassland near Hohhot, Baotou, Erenhot, Ulanhot
 or Hailar where visitors may go for the Mongolian Experience, such as horseback riding, attending folk
 singing and dancing, and tasting roast whole lamb.

Nadam Festival - Wrestling, horse racing and archery are the three traditional sports for Nadam 
(meaning entertainment or frolicking), the foremost traditional festival for Mongol nomads taking
 place in July or August.