Accepted papers

On Line Monitoring System of Power Optical Fiber Transmission Network Under Internet of Things Technology

Comprehensive Intelligent Training Simulation System for Power Communication Transmission Network

Design of Diversified Evaluation System of College Teaching Quality Based on Deep Data Mining

Design of Cross Language Education Resource Sharing Platform Based on Hadoop Framework

Design of interactive language education assistant system based on data classification

Design of Enterprise Economic Dynamic Management System Based on Spark Technology

Design of Enterprise Financial and Economic Data Accurate Classification Management System Based on Random Forest

Research on The Whole Process Quality Control Method of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Based on BP Neural Network

Plant Landscape Configuration Method Of Regional Characteristic Rainwater Garden Based On Deep Learning

Human Resource Scheduling Control Method Based On Deep Reinforcement Learning

Research on Network Personal Data Vulnerability Detection Technology Based on Deep Learning

Design of A Lightweight MOOC Teaching System for Online Learning in Colleges and Universities

Acquiring the Cultural Characteristics of English Online Courses Based on Wavelet Transformation

Competency Model of College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Perspective of Deep Learning

Intelligent Recommendation Method of Sports Tourism Route Based on Cyclic Neural Network

Research on Fault Monitoring Device of Highway Bridge Expansion Joint Based on Internet of Things Technology

Research on Modeling of Adaptive Allocation of Labor Resources Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

Design of Human Resources Multi-Dimensional Evaluation System Based on Big Data Mining

Railway Traffic Volume Prediction Method Based on Hadoop Big Data Platform

Intelligent Forecasting Method for Substation Operating Cost of Power Network with Nonstationary Characteristics

Research on Standard Cost Prediction of Intelligent Overhaul Based on Multiparticle Optimization

Research on Information Security Management in Hos-pital Informatization Construction

Design and Implementation of Interactive Platform for Mental Health Promotion Based on Mobile Internet

Research on Medical Information Processing Based on Data Mining Technology

Modeling and Printing Technology Based on 3D Registration Algorithm of MIMICS Software Applied to Hip Fracture

Research on Intelligent Anti-collision Device of Heavy Truck Based on Wireless Communication Technology

“Online + Offline” Hybrid Teaching Model in The Post Epidemic Era Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

Marketing Risk Assessment Method of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Evaluation Method of Enterprise Economic Management Model Effectiveness Based on Deep Data Mining

Design of Corpus Based Comprehensive Ability Evaluation System for College English Teaching

Distributed quaternion Kalman filter for human tracking using IMU and UWB measurement

Robot Navigation in Crowds Environment based Deep Reinforcement Learning with POMDP

Research on Health Management of Large Industrial Equipment Control System based on Spectrum Analysis

Evidence generation in the Fault Type Fusion Diagnosis

Research on Cross Target Center Location Algorithm Based on Edge Refinement Fitting Method

Research on Instantaneous Optimization Strategy of Regenerative Braking Power Loss Based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Stationery recognition system using dual cameras

Lower Limb Posture Capture using Quaternion Kalman Filter

Design of infrared spectrum information processing algorithm for Fourier infrared spectrometer

An FES-Cycling Control System Based on Crank Angle

A novel algorithm of machine learning: fractional gradient boosting decision tree

Apple Grading Model Based on Improved ResNet-50 Network

Sentiment Analysis of Opinions Over Time Toward Saudi Women’s Sports

Fall detection based on action structured method and cascaded dilated graph convolution network


A Self-Learning Musical Tool to Support the Educational Activity

I show you how I solved it!

Fuzzy Evaluation Model of Teaching Quality of Physical Education Course Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

Surface Reconstruction Method of Color 3D Image Based on Independent Adjustable Sparse Coefficient

Personalized Dialogue Generation Method of Chat Robot Based on Topic Perception

Multi-Round Dialogue Intention Recognition Method for A Chatbot Based on Deep Learning

Pressure Compensation Method of Check Valve in Aircraft Hydraulic System Based on Artificial Intelligence

Vibration Failure Analysis of Civil Aircraft Engine Blades Based on Virtual Reality

Basketball Posture Recognition Method in Physical Education Based on Machine Vision

Intelligent Regulation Method of University Heating Water Flow Based on Adaptive Control Algorithm

Binaural spatialization: comparing Head Related Transfer Function models for use in Virtual and Augmented Reality applications

Image Recognition Method of Educational Scene Based on Machine Learning

Human Motion Recognition Method In Physical Education Based on Wearable Perception

Research on Security Access Technology of Power Internet of Things Gateway Equipment Based on Artificial Intelligence

Construction of A Gateway Boundary Security Protection Platform Based on The Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

Multi-Face Synchronous Recognition Method for Civil Aviation Security Inspection Based on Deep Migration Learning

Design of Online Teaching Mode Recognition System for Ideological and Political Curriculum Based on Hash Algorithm

Impact of Covid-19 on Crude Oil Futures Market in India – Statistical analysis

Prediction of California Bearing Ratio using Statistical Modeling

Real-time Detection and Recognition of License Plates for traffic monitoring

Enhancement of Gravity Centrality Measure Based on Local Clustering Method by Identifying Influential Nodes in Social Networks

Deep Factorized Multi-view Hashing for Image Retrieval

Covid-19 detection by Wavelet Entropy and Artificial Bee Colony

Heat-map Algorithm based Multi-robots Path Planning Method