Call for Doctoral Consortium Submissions

Doctoral Consortium (4 pages)

This event will enable doctoral students to present and reflect on their work alongside other doctoral students and a panel of experts. Submissions have to follow a traditional paper format that address the following questions:


What is the problem? What are you going to solve?

Related Work

What have other people done about it? Literature review. Why is that not sufficient? What are the gaps and unanswered questions?


What are you going to do about it? Your approach.


What do you expect to find? What did you find?

Conclusions and Implications

Your conclusions. What are the implications? Who should care about the implications? How does it relate to literature?

Future work

What will be the future studies in your field and how will it be related with this proposed work.

Each paper will be blind, peer-reviewed by members of the program committee with additional expert reviewers drawn from relevant research domains. Submissions will be evaluated based on their originality, significance of the contribution to the field, technical correctness and presentation. The paper should make explicit how the work offers unique and substantial contribution beyond what has already been published or submitted.


Submissions should be a maximum of 4 pages including references, figures, tables, and appendix.

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Paper Submission:      15th Dec. 2019
Notification of Acceptance:     21st February 2020