Full Program

Day 1:

9:00 AM China Standard Time (GMT+8) Welcome Message by the General Chair of the Conference
Welcome Message by the Conference Manager
EAI Community Presentation
Keynote Speech by Prof. Liu Lu
Session 1
 Gingivitis classification via Wavelet entropy and Support Vector Machine
 Teeth category classification by Fractional Fourier Entropy and Improved Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
 Hearing Loss Identification via Fractional Fourier Entropy and Direct Acyclic Graph Support Vector Machine
 A multiple sclerosis recognition via Hu Moment Invariant and artificial neural network trained by Particle Swarm Optimization
An Evaluation Model of the Efficiency of Agricultural Information Resources Allocation in the Big Data Environment
Anti-interference algorithm of broadband wireless communication based on embedded single chip microcomputer
Automatic Monitoring system of vehicle Pollutant Emission based on Fusion algorithm
Design and Improvement of Optimal Control Model for Wireless Sensor Network Nodes
Virtual Force Coverage Control System of Wireless Sensor Network in the Background of Big Data
Virtual Interactive Planning Model of Landscape Architecture in settlement area based on situational Awareness
Wind Turbine Clutter Mitigation for Weather Radar by Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) Method
Wind Turbine Clutter Suppression for Weather Radar using Improved Ridge Regression Approach
10 minutes Coffee Break
Session 2
 Design of Agricultural Network Information Resource Sharing System Based on Internet of Things
 Design of Anti-interference Control system for vacuum Packaging Machine based on Wireless Networ
 Research on Multi-source Heterogeneous Sensor Information Fusion Method under Internet of Things Technology
 Detection of High Voltage Transmission Lines: A Survey and Perspective
 Image Processing-Based Electronic Fence: A Review
 LiDAR/DR-integrated mobile robot localization employing IMM-EKF/PF filtering
 Prediction Analysis of Soluble Solids Content in Apples Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis and BP Neural Network
 Research on Positioning Accuracy of Indoor and Outdoor Pedestrian Seamless Navigation
 Review on Flocking Control
 Tightly INS/UWB combined indoor AGV positioning in LOS/NLOS environment
30 minutes Lunch Break
Session 3
 Chinese fingerspelling recognition via Hu Moment Invariant and RBF Support Vector Machine
 Design of parametric CAD system for ceramic products based on virtual reality technology
 Design of sealing Transformer for vacuum Packaging Machine based on single Chip Microcomputer Control
 Identification and Analysis of Limb Swing Image in Short Run Training Based on Visual Signal Processing
 Image Segmentation Technology of Marathon Motion Video based on Machine Learning
 Improving accuracy of mobile robot localization by tightly fusing LiDAR and DR data
 Intelligent agricultural information remote data storage method based on block chain
 Multi-Touch Gesture Recognition of Braille Input Based on RBF Net
 Sign Language Video Classification Based on Image Recognition of Specified Key Frames
 Time Series data Reconstruction Method Based on Probability Statistics and Machine Learning
10 minutes Coffee Break
Session 4
 Embedded 3D Printing Based on High Elastomeric Strain Wireless Sensor
 mDixon-Based Synthetic CT Generation via Patch Learning
 Big data Fast extraction method of Lithium Ion screen Exchange feature in Cloud Computing
Design of multi-parameter monitoring system for intelligent agriculture greenhouse based on artificial intelligence
 Heuristic Network Similarity Measurement Model Based on Cloud Computing
 Research on Early Warning Monitoring Model of Serious Mental Disorder Based on Multi-source Heterogeneous Data Sources
 Research on Fault Intelligent Detection Technology of Dynamic Knowledge Network Learning System
 Research on Preprocessing Algorithm of Two-camera Face Recognition Attendance Image Based on Artificial Intelligence
 Research on scale space fusion method of medical big data video image
 Design and Simulation of Power Grid Energy Saving Control Model
Conference day 1 closing

Day 2:

9:00 AM China Standard Time (GMT+8) Keynote Speech by Prof. Shuai Liu
Keynote Speech by Dr. Shui-hua Wang
Section 5
 Method for extracting information of database of smart phone terminal in lock screen mode
 Method of Sports Assistant Teaching Based on Multimedia Network
 Mining and analyzing behavior patterns of smart home users based on cloud computing
 Moving target location method of video image based on computer vision
 Multiple Frame CT Image Sequencing Big Data Batch Clustering Method
 Network APT Attack Detection Based on Big Data Analysis
 Numerical simulation of remaining oil distribution based on oil field data analysis
 On-line Monitoring method of Power Transformer Insulation Fault based on Bayesian Network
 Quality Detection method of Phase change Energy Storage and Thermal Insulation Building Materials based on Neural Network
 Research on Behavior Recognition Method Based on Machine Learning and Fisher Vector Coding
10 minutes Coffee Break
Session 6
 Research on image recognition algorithm based on depth level feature
 Research on Information Security Monitoring and Early Warning Mechanism of Internet Application Network Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
 Research on Intelligent diagnosis of Fault data of large and medium-sized pumping stations under Information Evaluation system
 Research on Intelligent Scheduling Optimization of Non-full-load Logistics Vehicle Based on the Monitor Image
 Research on Military Intelligence Value Evaluation Method Based on Big Data Analysis
 Research on Security Enhancement Algorithm of data dynamic migration in optical fiber network
 Research on Shadow Detection Method of Infrared Remote Sensing Image Based on Artificial Intelligence
 Research on Short-term Load Forecasting Based on PCA-GM
 Research on task driven basketball teaching mode based on ITbegin cloud platform
 A Decision Model for Substation Equipment Maintenance Based on Correlation Set Decomposition
30 minutes Lunch Break
Session 7
 Analysis of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area’s Economic growth trend based on big data Mining
 Analysis of the Training Method for the Time-of-time of the Movement Based on the Wireless
 Analysis on behavior characteristics of enterprise financing investment risk data
 Analysis on the Development path of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Urban agglomeration under the background of big data
 Application of Big Data’s Association Rules in the Analysis of Sports Competition Tactics
 Application of Iridium Data Communication System in Information Transmission of Ocean Monitoring Buoy
 Data Mining Method of Malicious Attack Based on Characteristic Frequency
 Data scheduling method of Social Network Resources based on Multi-Agent Technology
 A Local Occlusion Face Image Recognition Algorithm Based on the Recurrent Neural Network
10 minutes Coffee Break
Session 8
 Design of Buoy Positioning System for Ocean Monitoring Based on Visual Feature Recognition
 Design of Human-computer Interactive Fire extinguishing training system based on Virtual reality Technology
 Research on the algorithm of text data classification based on Artificial Intelligence
 Security and privacy data protection methods for online social networks in the era of big data
 Two Particle filter-based INS/LiDAR-integrated mobile robot localization
 Web Database Sharing Platform Design Based on Large Data Visualization of Learning Behavior
 Study on the Preparation of the Precursor of the Li-ion Screen Based on Big Data Analysis
 Research on the Adaptive Tracking Method for the Tracking of the Track of the Long-jump Athletes
 Seamless and fast panoramic image generation system based on VR technology
 Research on durability test for composite pipe fitting materials of automobile
Conference closing